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Wheel balancer


It aimed at current bigger and heavier tyre.
With the characteristic high precision, repeated measuring accuracy.
It remedy the defect of inaccuracy of most of heavy duty balancer in the
   current market.
High Ø40 quality shaft is adopted and which guarantee the needs of measuring
   precision of heavy duty tyre.
High strength enlarged case is adopted to guarantee the stability of measuring
The motor with large torque and high quality guarantees the stability of heavy
   duty tyre start-up and brakes.

With manual input rim diameter, width and distance.
Self calibration functions with recovery measurement accuracy.
LED high brightness digital display, regardless of the light and dark can clearly
   display the measurement figures.
Protective cover and tyre lift 901 are optional.

  • FS-987A


Technical Data 
Power supply : AC 110V/220V/50~60Hz
Motor Power : 0.25KW
Rim Diameter: 10"~26"/254~660mm
Rim Width:  1.5"~20"/38~508mm
Max. Wheel Diameter: 1000mm
Max. Wheel Weight : 100 Kg
Balancing Speed: ~215r.p.m
Cycle Time: 8s
Noise: <70db
Balancing Precision:±1g
Net weight : 87 Kg 
Gross weight :113 Kg

N.W.:   119Kg
G.W.:   139Kg

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