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Zhongshan FLY-SPEED Auto-Equipment Co., Ltd. started from 1996. It's a company of development, production, sales of automotive maintenance equipment. The company locates in the city of Zhongshan Sanxiang, where the industries are advanced manufacturing with complete facilities. It's also close to Hongkong and Macau with convenient logistics facilities. The company occupies more than 10,000 square meters with advanced processing equipments, in which all the products are in large-scale and standardized production.
FLY-SPEED has more than 180 specialized workers. Over 90% fittings are under self production. With many years absorbed in the auto after market field experience, it focuses on the developing high quality auto tyre maintenance and repair equipments. The products mainly export to European, middle east, southeast of Asia, north Africa, south America ect. area. It's also the well-known service shop supplier of Shanghai GM., FAW-Volkswagen and Dongfeng Nissan, as well as many famous tyre brands' and lubricant's suppliers. The company got the approval of ISO9001 and CE approval with good enterprise management.
FLY-SPEED will insist on the business concepts of "Expertise makes quality, service creates brand." And it will provide higher quality and more  professional tyre equipments as always for the Auto aftermarket.

The production
We have strong ability of designing, mechanical manufacturing capacity. More than 90% equipment parts are made by ourselves, which insure the quality of the equipments. Precise assembly process requirements ensure the equipment performance and stability.
Tel:0760-86367288  Fax:0760-86361623  Addr: Bld. C2, Xinxu Jinwan Industrial Zone, No.6 Shengye Rd.,Sanxiang, Zhongshan, GD, China 528463
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